Bad Reichenhall - electric scooter in commercial use

How much money is necessary to invest in a car for the company? Humpmayer Robert found a much better logistic solution for his asia shop.

War memoial at 'Untere Lindenplatz' War memoial at 'Untere Lindenplatz'
Free parking lots are very rare at this area. The street is much to narrow for lading in the second land. This makes a delivery car very unpractical.

Asia shop Bad Reichenhall Asia shop Bad Reichenhall
Mainly thai specialities from the condiment to the 20kg rice package. Beside aliments also an other chinese speciality: electric scooters.

Clutch for scooters Clutch for scooters
This clutch makes out of the E-Max S an ideal towing machine. Thanks to the electric engine, the products in the trailer are not covered with lubrication oil.

Round trip with trailer in Bad Reichenhall Round trip with trailer in Bad Reichenhall
Robert shows at a round trip city hall and saltworks what is possible to transport on a small trailer. Video (6 MB)

Deep freeze goods Deep freeze goods
At the transport of frozen goods, pay heed to not interrupting the freezing chain. So all frozen goods are delivered now by the supplier.

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E-Max S E-Max S
The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max S electric scooter.

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