Hydrogen age

Physics can not be changed. The physical physical of hydrogen are known. The hydrogen age is q question of believe.

  Big difference in disussion

I resarch since September for a big test of electric scooters. There are always very concrete numbers like price, kWh/100km, maintenance costs, usage profiles when I discussed with the vendors. It's possible to discuss with them over a Cent, what such a vehicle costs for 100km.

It's at the electric scooters about concrete numbers and cost advantages. This vehicles are good enough, that's it not necessary to argument with the environment. It's possible to sell them to normal consumers looking only on the own money and not the environment.

Completely differen at hydrogen. Each attempt to discuss in Hannover hall 13 over the market of hydrogen vehicles failed. I gained the impression, that this are only show vehicles, to show on the fair, but never intended to sell.

  Future vs past

There had been only lead acid batteries in the time when the dream of the hydrogen car was born. Lead acid batteries are very heavy, the capacity is much reduced at high power demand, the battery is finished after a few hundred charge cycles. If we would have only lead acid batteries today, I would be also a fan of the hydrogen car.

  Lithium instead of hydrogen

But today, hydrogen has to compete with complete different rivals. New battery technology with Lithium is by weight and charge cycles 3 to 5 times superior compared to the old lead acid batteries. Hybrid techology makes it possbile to drive short distances by electric power and long distances by biofuel.

Where will hydrogen as a storage medium determine our energy future and where will the hydrogen technology fail by more suitable methods?

  2006 the dusk for fossile fuel starts

Cheap mineral oil was yesterday, the price system between differen energy sources and technologies for usage in the area of mobility changes durable.

Price development at fuel
Energy becomes more expensive wail the fossiles. Wrong, only the short dated special deal fossile fuels becomes more expensive. Long time available energy becomes cheaper.

Electricity comes out of the plug
From where should the electric power for electric mobility come? Some people belive the electric power comes out of the plug. Other belive electric power falls down from the sky.

EVER Monaco vs Hannover hall 13
2 exhibitions with the same theme, our mobility in the futures, but contrariness to the thematic similarity, differences like day and night.

Hybrid vs hydrogen
The duell over the future of mobility. In one corner the since decades proclaimed hydrogen, on the other side of the ring: Hybrid with Lithium based batteries.

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