Electricity comes out of the plug

From where should the electric power for electric mobility come? Some people belive the electric power comes out of the plug. Other belive electric power falls down from the sky.

Most people do not know, that electric power falls down from the sky. It's only necessary to catch the power. To catch the power are different more or less efficient methods exisiting.

  Photovoltaic - Electric power from light

A survey proofs, most interviewed assess the necessary quantity of photovoltaic for our mobility completely wrong. Even advocators of the photovoltaic make oddly wrong computations. The reasons for the wrong computations:

New high efficient photovoltaic for roofs brings about 120 kWh per year in Germany.

That's enough for 4000kms with an electric scooter, 2000km with a possible future electric Loremo, 800kms with a Toyota Prius+ or 400km with a 3,5 t van.

  wind energy

A 2 MW wind energy plant on a place with 2000 full power hours brings 26,667 electric scooters over 5,000kms per year, or 4,444 possible future electric Loremos over 15,000 kms a year, or 1778 Toyota Prius+ over 15,000 kms per year or 333 3,5 t vans over 40,000km per year

Traffic energy and environment
Increasing oil price and more and more consequences of the climate change will enforce an environment friendly mobility.

  2006 the dusk for fossile fuel starts

Cheap mineral oil was yesterday, the price system between differen energy sources and technologies for usage in the area of mobility changes durable.

Price development at fuel
Energy becomes more expensive wail the fossiles. Wrong, only the short dated special deal fossile fuels becomes more expensive. Long time available energy becomes cheaper.

EVER Monaco vs Hannover hall 13
2 exhibitions with the same theme, our mobility in the futures, but contrariness to the thematic similarity, differences like day and night.

Hydrogen age
Physics can not be changed. The physical physical of hydrogen are known. The hydrogen age is q question of believe.

Hybrid vs hydrogen
The duell over the future of mobility. In one corner the since decades proclaimed hydrogen, on the other side of the ring: Hybrid with Lithium based batteries.

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