Hybrid cars: driving by Diesel and electric power

How to calculate one litre Diesel to electric power? Why are hybrid cars so fuel saving? What costs 1 kWh mecahnic energy for mobility?

  Full power - partial power - cold engine

A modern Diesel engine can produce at ideal conditions 4 kWh mechanical energy. But the every day usage of a car is significant different from ideal conditions. The ideal conditions are also different from an energy saving driving style. Quantity discount, less Diesel per kWh at full power. Who glides softly uses much less kWh, but each kWh has to be paid with more Diesel.

  Minvan below 3 litre at constant efficiency

Let's take a typicall minvan with modern Diesel engine. I hope 2,8m² front area, cw=0,35, 1800 kg weight and 1% rolling resistance and 38% efficiency to the wheel on the street are typical values.

For real 180km/h shows teh calculation 82,5 kW power demand and 12,06 l/100km. The same calculation for 60km/h shows 5,72 kW power demand and 2,51 l/100km. Wow! A minivan as a 3 litre car! But this is not the reality, because the eingine has at low poer demand less efficiency. At warm engine will sohw up 4 to 4,5 l/100lkm on the fuel economy instrument. It's even with a tmpomat hard to find out, because even 0,2% uphill would increase the power demand by 10%.

  Cold engine, low power demand, 1/3 efficiency

Constant 60km/h with a cold engine in winter, and the fuel economy instrument shows 7,5 l/100km. One pays per kWh mechanical energy 3 times the price compared to full power with warm engine on the high way.

Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

  2006 the dusk for fossile fuel starts

Cheap mineral oil was yesterday, the price system between differen energy sources and technologies for usage in the area of mobility changes durable.

Price development at fuel
Energy becomes more expensive wail the fossiles. Wrong, only the short dated special deal fossile fuels becomes more expensive. Long time available energy becomes cheaper.

Electricity comes out of the plug
From where should the electric power for electric mobility come? Some people belive the electric power comes out of the plug. Other belive electric power falls down from the sky.

EVER Monaco vs Hannover hall 13
2 exhibitions with the same theme, our mobility in the futures, but contrariness to the thematic similarity, differences like day and night.

Hydrogen age
Physics can not be changed. The physical physical of hydrogen are known. The hydrogen age is q question of believe.

Hybrid vs hydrogen
The duell over the future of mobility. In one corner the since decades proclaimed hydrogen, on the other side of the ring: Hybrid with Lithium based batteries.

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