RenExpo Augsburg 2006

A whole hall on the Reneexpo in Augsburg (Germany) was about the theme enivronment friendly mobility. Detailed fair report about the presented electric vehicles.

Electric scooter EVT 4000 Electric scooter EVT 4000
With 4 pieces of 45 Ah sealed lead acid batteries up to 70km range. With 1,5 kW in eco mode or 2,8 kW in power mode. We plan for 2007 a compare test against the E-Max S.

Nostalgia scooter in retro design Nostalgia scooter in retro design
Looks like one of the first scooters from the fifties from the last century, but below the seat is the most modern electric technology for an environment friendly mobility.

Inexpensive scooter Inexpensive scooter
Only 998.-EUR is the price of the entrance model from GUF. With the 1,1 kW wheel hub engine are 40km/h top speed possible. The only 80kg heavy scooter is very economically.

Electric scooter with gearing Electric scooter with gearing
Wheel hub motor contra electric engine with automatic gearing. Both sides bring arguments, but only a planed compare test vs the E-Max S

Simple electric filling station Simple electric filling station
No payoff system, but only a flat rate for the key to the box. Only 3 plugs, because electric vehicles are in Europe in opposit to China very rare.

Twike Cabrio Twike Cabrio
Because the electronics would eventual suffer more from rain than the driver, this open Twike is only to show in the halls of fairs.

Kart drives with air Kart drives with air
The big cooling tins on each side of the driver seat are maybe for the expansion chillness when compressed air is decompressed. Behind the pressure tank.

Air car Air car
Mit diesem luftigen Buggy möchte APT beweisen, dass das Luftauto funktioniert. Neben Akkus, Schwungscheiben und Wasserstoff ein weiterer Weg Energie zu speichern.

Instruments retro design scooter
Headlights and 2 round instruments from the retro design scooter from EVT. Modern technology wrapped in the design of the fifties of the last century. Scooter gearing
GUV checks at the new top model a new drive system. Electric engine combinded with a conventional automatic gearing for scooters. Charging cable under the seat
Even when there would be public power plugs every where, how often would be the carger stolen? Here is the charger integrated in the engine controller. Twike technic
At the Twike exhibition model are the batteries good to see. Each of the black boxes with the 2 fans is a battery pack. Twike test drives
Visitors had the opportunity for a test drive as front seat passenger on the cabrio Twike. 2 rounds at each test drive on the small test area in the fair hall. Video (4.75MB).

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