Athwart through Romania

What should a 2,5 kW generator in a car? With an economical car and streets only suitable for a low average speed entirely enough.

  Not everywhere is continuse top speed necessary

Natural, such a small generator would be nothing for a highway without speed limit. Even the Loremo needs nearly 9 kW at 130km/h. But there are other markets and other countries, even in the middle of Europe. Such a country is for example Romania.

Since 1993, I drive regularly to Romania. Travel times are in Romania easy to calculate. Distance divided by 60.

Somebody thinks in Romania always to be very fast underway. 90km/h in the village, 120km/h on the country road. Always overtake other cars.

But after 5 hours driving, one realizes, that there are only 300, maximal 330km behind. There had been also the uphill street with a convoy behind a truck with 30km/h.

  With 9 kWh batteries and 2,5 kW generator cross the country

At the Romanian traffic situation, such a small generator can produce 4 kWh for 100km, because it takes 1 hour 40 minutes. When the battery completes with additional 1 kWh for 100, such an electric car with small generator can drive through all the country.

  Quality of the generator not important

The Loremo is no typical long distance vehicle. The typical owner will use this car rarely for distances over 150km. Let's take 15.000km per year. For 1000km is a range extension with the generator necessary. Makes only 24 hours generator use per year.

Top innovations for mobility
This top innovations will make sure, that our mobility will not decrease with the end of the fossile age.


Sensation on the automobile salon 2006 in Genf. Loremo introduces the 1.5 liter car. How is this possible after other vendors had stoped the 3 litre car?

Loremo: Mobility with low resistance Loremo: Mobility with low resistance
Loremo stands for Low Resistance Mobility. 450kg or 470kg weight for the 20hp or 50hp version show, how much weight reduction is possible.

Loremo side view Loremo side view
Looks very aerodynamic, but how is the extreme low cw vlaue 0,20 possible? Not visible is the flat bottom formed like a turned around wing.

Loremo aerodynamic Loremo aerodynamic
No cooler is behind latticework hidden like a wall in the wind. Only 1,1 squaremeter front area have to be pushed with cw=0,2 through the air.

Entrance into the Loremo Entrance into the Loremo
To fold up the coachwork to enter the car is for most drivers unusual. This is normal for CityEl drivers since 1989.

Save weight - Multiple use of parts Save weight - Multiple use of parts
The horizontal bar has a second task, to bring air to the air outlets. The carpet on the inside is directly glued on the tin.

Energy and traffic: Problems halved
The Loremo is a coachwork concept where every propulsion system can be built in. Extrem light, extrem low air resistance reduces the energy demand below the half.

Electric and plug in hybrid propulsion
The coachwork concept of the Loremo would be an outstanding base for an electric car or plug in hybrid car.

Renewable range
What makes a Loremo per squaremeter biomass field? What would a possible electric or hybrid Loremo make per squaremeter photovoltaic?

Loremo as the 21th century Ford-T
Henry Fords idea was, cars should be cheap enough, that even the worker can effort them. But what about cars, where the environment survives even at 5 billion cars?

Malaysian Investor takes a stake in Loremo AG Malaysian Investor takes a stake in Loremo AG
Munich based Loremo AG presents its concept car the 1,5l (157 mpg) Loremo LS at the Kuala Lumpur international Motor Show and signed a Purchase Agreement over 26%

Cheap generator for hybrid cars. Cheap generator for hybrid cars.
Aldi and Loremo smash the prejudice, that hybrid technic is expensive. Loremo by a coachwork moveable by very few power, Aldi by a 249.-EUR electric power generator.

E-Max scooter technic in Loremo E-Max scooter technic in Loremo
What would be if somebody would put the technic of the E-Max electric scooter into the Loremo? Study about a possibility for an extrem cheap electric car.

Vectrix technic in Loremo Vectrix technic in Loremo
What would be, if somebody would built in the technic of the Vectrix Maxi scooter into the Loremo? Study about an electric car with good performance.

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