Electric scooter E-Max S long time test

After the good performance in our short test in Septmeber, the E-Max S has qualified to proof his quality in a long time test over at last 10,000km

Electric power from the cellar to the parking lot Electric power from the cellar to the parking lot
Just before the test starts, the electric power has to be established at the underground parking lot. The problem is much more simple than thought at the begining.

Winter tires for scooters Winter tires for scooters
The winter tires are with 3,5'' clearly more thick than the 3'' summer tires. For 10'' rims are no 3'' Urban Master Snow winter tires available.

Future library Salzburg to reach again Future library Salzburg to reach again
September 16th, I forgot my AA rechargebale batteries from my Canon S1 in the Robert Jungk future library. I often go by with my car in the mean time, but no chance to park.

Schrannen market Salzburg Schrannen market Salzburg
First time I test at the weekly market Schranne how much purchase can be transported with an electric scooter. 6 kf apples in the luggage boot below the seat.

Overcrowded parking lot tax office Salzburg Overcrowded parking lot tax office Salzburg
Instead of searching with the car several minutes a parking lot in the overcrowded underground parking lot, I park my E-Max S at the bicycle parking lot.

Vegetable for a week Vegetable for a week
Instead to contribute with 2 litre Diesel to the fine dust problem and to donate the underground parking lot with 1.60EUR, the electric scooter has to perform as a transporter. 1024 Wh electric power usage.

22% gradient at Fürstenbrunn 22% gradient at Fürstenbrunn
The mountain street from Fürstenbrunn to the Latschenwirt has 2 parts with 22% gradient. The E-Max S makes this gradient with only 10km/h.

Herb farm Salzburg Herb farm Salzburg
Are 1.8 t Seat Alhambra really necessary to buy 400g herbs from the only 7km distante herb farm? No! 123 kg electric scooter are enough and use only 643 Wh.

Photovoltaic cheaper than gasoline Photovoltaic cheaper than gasoline
From Gartenau to Strass im Attergau to Ecotec Energy are 57km, but on the way was the gauge on the lower end of the red area, because Strass is 250m higher.

Salzburg Maria Plain
Slow but without problems drives the E-Max S the steep access road to the pilgrimage church Maria Plain. Panorama about Salzburg at night. Latschenwirt near Salzburg
An other popular airing target around Salzburg reached with the electric scooter. 22 % uphill are extraordinary step uphill.

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