EICMA motorcycle fair 2006

Fair report from the EICMA 2006 general part. Further all about 45km/h limited license free scooters and special part about the big presenation from the Vectrix Maxi Scooter.

Light car Free Dug von Ducati Energia Light car Free Dug von Ducati Energia
Absolut minimalism, but on the other side for only 6000.-EUR presents Ducati Energia this compact light car Free Dug. Compared with this, even the Smart is a big car.

Piaggio 250 ccm engine for hybrid motorcycle Piaggio 250 ccm engine for hybrid motorcycle
This drive system will be first times used 2008 in a new scooter. The 244ccm 4 stroke engine is complemented by a 2,5 kW electric engine.

SSEB Scooter Style Elektrofahrrad SSEB Scooter Style Elektrofahrrad
Look on the alibi pedals. So this scooter is an electric bicycle and is in China allowed to use the bicyle lanes. Most of the Chinese disassemble the annoying pedals.

BSEB - Bicycle Style Electric Bike BSEB - Bicycle Style Electric Bike
Electric scooter looking similar like a bicycle. These have in common 3 sealed lead acid batteries and are not as fast as the 48V SSEB.

Peugeot farwell from the future Peugeot farwell from the future
Peugeot had been leading at the electric scooters with the Scootelec. But Peugeot said goodbye from this future and showed on the EICMA only gasoline scooters.

Police scooter from Oxygen Police scooter from Oxygen
On the fair booth of the police are 2 Oxygen electric scooters used by the police in Milan. The vehicles are since years in duty.

Milan police on Segway Milan police on Segway
2 policeman from Milan on police Sagways underway throgh the fair halls. Segway does not expose on the EICMA, but they had been well represented by the police vehicles.

Fair novelty light car
Ducati Energia show on the EICMA the light car Free Dug. Behind the outside porter. With only 146cm lenght, athwart parking like propagated by Smart is easy possible. Light car interior
Move close together when somebody is in the Ducati Free Dug underway with two. But on the outer side, 90cm width is not much more than some scooters. Light car instruments
The instruments in the Ducati energia Free Dug are more similar to the instruments of a scooter than to a car. No steering wheel but something to steer like at a scooter. Light car drive
Instead of gearing and differential simple 2 wheel hub engines. Each rear wheel has an own 2,5 kW wheel hub engine. This should be very goog in snow. Light car front axle
Here the construction of the front axle of the Free Dug from Ducati Energia. The power of simplicity at electric cars. For an all wheel drive, they had only to mount 2 more wheel hub engines. SSEB with chain for the registration
Transmission and seat position show clearly: This chain with pedals is not designed to drive the electric scooter with 20km/h, only for the registration. SSEB gas grip
Because of the registration policies, the electric scooter is delivered without gas grip. The gas grip can be ordered as accessory. Oxygen electric drive
Up to 3,5 kW provides the engine. Oxygen has the engine not like usual as a wheel hub engine. Oxygen motor controller
Very large with cooling ribs is the engine controll on the right side of the electric scooter. Oxygen topcase with flashing light
This special accessory is only for the electric scooters of the police. When there is an accident area to guard, the batteries can supply the flashing light for a very long time.

2006 EICMA scooter fair 2006 EICMA scooter fair
Fair report from the EICMA 2006, all about 45km/h limited scooters. Further special part about the huge fair representation of Vectrix Maxi Scooters and general part.

2006 EICMA motorcyle fair- Vectrix 2006 EICMA motorcyle fair- Vectrix
Fair report from the EICMA 2006, special part about the huge fair representation from the Vectrix Maxi scooter. Further parts about 45km/h limited scooters and general part.

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