Bicycle suited for winter

Only 2 wheels are dangerouse on ice or snow. In the 3-cyclist recumbent moving there are not such problems.

Bicycle suited for winter
Only 2 wheels are dangerouse on ice or snow. In the 3-cyclist recumbent moving there are not such problems.

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  Camping fair CBR Munich in 2006

Fair report from the CBR in Munich February 2006. As already in 2005 we show the possibility for inexpensive solutions by camping-buses and delivery vans.

VW Bus Camping VW Bus Camping
The Vanessa kitchen is anchored in the rail system of the seats. It can be quickly builit in and removed. I have asked already so often about the sense of the kitchen in the middle.

Waeco compressor fridge CF35 Waeco compressor fridge CF35
Unfortunately, the fridge mounted on a sliding plate is not included in the price of the Vanessa VW bus rear kitchen. Filled with food, one gets a good impression about the volume.

VW Caddy Camping VW Caddy Camping
Volkswagen Caddy developed as a camping vehicle. The necessary sleeping length is achieved while the back supports of the front seats are folded forwards.

Car safe deposit after measure Car safe deposit after measure
For many years I preach the car safe, however, over and over again one hears in the news that rightfully unbelievable values were stolen in case of car burglaries.

Bicycle for winter time Bicycle for winter time
Deck chair with 3 wheels and pedals. With such a tricycle one can also certainly ride a bike in winter on snow and ice.

Dad - the ricksha driver Dad - the ricksha driver
Behind dad, the ricksha driver, steps in the pedals, in front is the weather-protected passenger's cabin for the children. Special bicycle with 3 wheels to the transport of 2 children.

VW bus camper cooker and fridge
Cooker in the rear makes more sense than as usual in front. Often enough I have questioned the sense of the kitchen in the middle, finally, a company with an answer to it. VW camper rinsing and dishes
In the upper row of drawers is the rinsinig and the dishes. On the left is a flap with which the drawer is secured against unintentional slide in. VW Caddy before the camping rebuilding
The 3 rear seats remain fully useable at the camping extension.. With roof tent the whole family could be on real cheap holidays. VW Caddy rolled bed
The backs of the rear seats are laid forwards. Behind it the Vanessa Kitchen with a water container is to be seen below. Above the rolled up bed. VW Caddy Camper
The rear row of seats is with forwards folded back supports under the mattress. With belts the bed is fixed in the clutches on the left and on the right above the front seats. VW Caddy kitchen
The open tailgate is with the VW Caddy special model tramp Affixture for a kind of pretent. In the pretent one can cook with this Vanessa kitchen without problem. VW Caddy camping equipment
In comparison to the kitchen in the VW bus must be renounced here on the fridge. The kitchen contains only of rinsing, camping cooker and 3 drawers for dishes and food. VW Caddy camping kitchen
The rinsing can be easily taken out. Thus it is easily to take the rinsing to the water equipment on the cmaping site to clean it. Fiat Ducato truck improvment for family
Bavaria camp thinks with his Sol Y Sombra also of the family. 4 seats and 4 sleeping places are probably the maximum what can be realized in a Ducato van. Fiat Ducato camping improvment with floor beds
The parents sleeps in front on the altered seat group, for the children floor beds are accommodated in the rear. Only so one more shower cabin can bin realized in the midle. Camper safe deposit
Quick hit and run away is the motto from the burglar in campers. To open a safe fastened to the chasis neither tools nor time exist. Ship safe deposit for the signal gun
Signal weapons liable to permission must be kept in a safe of the security step B. Weapon and ammunition must be closeable apart. With 20 and 25 kg of weight Recumbent bicycles in Munich
There ars so big advantages from the recumbent bicycle compared to the old high bicycle, that is's a mystery not to see much more of them on the streets. Children transport bicycle
The passenger's cabin of the bicycle ricksha. 2 seats with seat belts for the small passengers. The ricksha comes from a special company for bicycle adherents.

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