Short distances cheaper because of exepnsive oil

Looks for the first very contradictorily, that something becomes cheaper because of expensive oil. But a look on the propulsion concept clears up the paradox.

  Plug in hybrid vehicles

The best from both worlds. From the electric car the cheap and with solar energy easy to produce fuel electric power. From the car with the comustion engine the fuel liquid at normal temperatures with high energy density and extrem fast refueling.

  Combustion engine eliminates disadvatages of the electric car

  • small range
  • long refueling - several hours charging the batteries

  The electric engine eleminates the disatvantages of the combustion engine

  • High consumption after cold start
  • Sensless consumption standing at a traffic light
  • Wast of energy at deaccelerating
  • High consumption at low speeds in city traffic
This shows, as long as a plug in hybrid is used within the electric only range, it's much cheaper than a car with interal combustion engine.

Natural, all the additional technic for a plug in hybrid make a plug in hybrid more expensive than a conventional car. To expensive for cheap oil. But with more expensive oil, the borders of profitability are moving.
Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

  Car - automotives news of 2005

How looks like the future of mobility? What engine and fuel concept will succeed? Can biomass replace crude oil? Where is an electric cars superior?

Fair reports 2005 around cars and camping
Overview about our fair reports from 2005 about cars and camping.

Renewable reach of cars
The renewable reach is given in km of road performance per square meter of harvest surface and year. In addition the type of the harvest surface and the way from the harvest up to the tire.

Will car driving be after the crude oil a luxus?
The renewable reach of different propulsion concepts gives the answer. Depending on propulsion concept a luxus or affordable for all the mankind.

Gasoline more expensive than photovoltaic
The Peugeot 106 is a typicall small car. Most time used as a second car for the wife and mother for every day usage like shopping or bringing the children to school.

Cheap energy as a barrier against progress
Cheap energy Energie means cheap botch-up solutions instead of quality. Let's look on our cars and it's immediately clear what means cheap energy creates cheap botch up.

Air condition in critical reviewed
Extrem cold draft in a car creates for sensitive people health problems. A very good example how cheap energy creates again and again cheap botch up solutions.

Car industry: Miscount China
There are 2 different strategies for the business with China. 1.) Sell existing models to China. 2.) check new concepts for a reasonable mobility.

Dilemma car sales
The automobile industry at the border of growth. More sales increase the demand for crude oil and this leads in a growth to less sales.

Energy consumption for garbage separation Energy consumption for garbage separation
Some empty plastic boxes are brought less than 1 km to the next container. The fuel usage on this short distance against the use of the separated garbage.

With the car to seperate the garbage With the car to seperate the garbage
A warm summer evening, nevertheless 8,9 l/100km for the short distance. In winter could be the consumption 12l/100km

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