Vegetable oil instead of diesel as a fuel

With which will we prepare our fields when the crude oil comes to an end? Wolfgang Löser has already thought about it years ago and presents his solution with sunflowers.

Sunflower oil press Sunflower oil press
Not only for people, also healthier for the diesel : cold-pressed oil. By temperatures more than 60 degrees would reach phosphorus and wax in the oil which damage a diesel.

Sunflowers oil: Pack the sun into the tank Sunflowers oil: Pack the sun into the tank
A farmer needs about 10% of his cultivation surface in order to have enough fuel for his tractor. A ha brings about 1000 liters sunflower oil per year in central Europe.

Press cake from sunflowers Press cake from sunflowers
With the cold press the yield is about 10% less than with hot-pressed oil. These 10% of oil remain in the press cake, an especially high-quality animal feed.

Refinery products Refinery products
After in the oil press the press cake was produced the vegetable oil stores several weeks in an tank. After some weeks are 3 layers of different products.

Refinery of a farmer
Independence of the oil price and self-sufficiency were the purposes for the construction this vegetable oil refinery. Who expects now high-complex technology like with an oil refinery Heat exchanger coolant to vegetable oil
Engine space of a Golf TDI. The heat exchanger brings the vegetable oil on the temperature of the coolant. Only more than 80 degrees vegetable oil has combustion qualities like diesel. Fuel heating for vegetable oil
Vegetable oil has only with 80 degrees the qualities of diesel with regard to viscosity and ignition willingness. The vegetable oil has to be warmed up for the cold start electrically. Tractor tank - 275 liters for one working day
More than 20 liters per hour needs this tractor. Field work is heavy and requires as  so much energy like a middle class car needs at 180 km/h.

Biomass fuel for vehicles
Directory about all our reports about vehcicles with biomass. Vehicles with bio diesel and vegetable oil

Biomass fuel production Biomass fuel production
From the simple oil press up to the most modern wood gasification to produce by the Fischer Tropsch method something like Diesel from wood.

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