Germany: billions EUR of tax money needlessly paid

Many independent and other drivers of company cars lead no logbook. The result of it, several billion EUR per year needlessly of paid income tax.

  Easy more than 5,000. EUR per year too much income tax in Germany

Just expensive cars are over proportionate used as company cars. For example 62% of all Porsche. Can You imagine, that a possesor of Porsche drives up and starte to rummage for the ball point pen and logbook? Can You imagine, that he scrawls with the care of an accountant's journey purpose and trip reason? No! This is inconceivable. With a 125,000 EUR car, this hits with 15,000 - EUR of income tax addition amount to book.

With 80% of provable company use and 42% the highest tax sentence, this makes 5,040 EUR needlessly paid income tax.

  Tax estimation for Germany

  • 4 million company cars, with 50% without logbook
  • 25,000 EUR average new value
  • 30% of border tax sentence and 80% of business use
Gives 1,440,000,000 EUR

  The call for the electronic logbook assistant

More than a billion EUR needlessly paid taxes, simply because it is tiresome to write everything in the logbook. This shouts formally after an advertising campaign:

"Our product costs x EUR, makes fun, leads you always to the target and saves you y EUR of income tax because it helps You to lead a logbook according to the regulations of the German tax office".

However, only one manufacturer heard the call from the tax payers: Becker.

Car radio navigation Car radio navigation
Who needs it, what are the advantages? All about our experiences with car radio GPS navigation systems.

  Fair car & sound Sinsheim 2005

Fair report of the electronics car fair at Sinsheim in 2005. Main focus navigation with logbook, dashboard tuning and the most useful sound mobiles.

Car dashboard tuning Car dashboard tuning
What as looks here as round instruments is in reality a flat screen. You would see it at last, when the demo program switches to the next layout.

Logbook and navigation on the car radio
How well do the car radio manufacturers, producers of entertainment electronic, support their customers at seamy duties like a logbook for the income tax declaration?

Car dashboard design
According to mood arbitrarily changeable because all is only one a flat screen. Here the stylized right round instrument shows instructions for the navigation. Car dashboard designs
Round instruments are in an old-fashioned way and boringly? Who is just in this mood can select sometimes this dashboard. Dashboard with navigation and logbook
The  flat screen which replaces the conventional one can fulfil also directly many further functions. So, for example, navigation and logbook. Rear view camera display in the dashboard
Not yet in top condition is the display of the rear view camera. But they work on special layouts and an improved rear view. Baker Online pro car radio navigation: test winner
On account of the German tax laws where billions Euros of income tax needlessly paid, because many lead no logbook, we tested only Navis with logbook. Alpina car radio navigation still without logbook
The first man from Alpina at the fair state stated a logbook would be never meant not. Stubborn inquiries led to the development chief: Available starting autumn 2005. Blaupunkt car radio navigation without logbook
A German manufacturer with navis already very long present on the German market. However, in spite of the home advantage, no logbook against 1% of  tax addition. Panasonic car radio navigation without logbook
joy for the Minister of Finance: a Toyota cross-country vehicle for more than 40,000 - EUR and the driver will not write himself a logbook. No help from Panasonic. Sony car radio navigation without logbook
Sports cars like this Nissan 350Z and a logbook on paper simply do not match. So this this sports car driver will pay unnecessary income tax. Car radio VDO Dayton navigation without logbook
After my question for navigation with logbook, 3 other fair exhibitors referred me to VDO Dayton. The greater the disappointment that also this manufacturer does not offer it. Mercedes Vito with rising roof
A usefull step away from the moveable loudspeaker to a meaningfull use of multimedia in the vehicle. This vehicle was seen at Sevic. TFT with DVD player for top mounting in the camper
Here shown in a camping solution built into a Mercedes Vito. Ford Transit with big bed
Xetec has thought a step farther as other exhibitors of sound-mobiles. Better a little bit less loudspeakers and a little bit more to make something out of the situation. Double bed in Ford Transit
How usefull is the greatest sound, if You have a bride in Your car and can hear only music because there is not enough place. Amazing sound, hot bride and this bed, Wow! Termin: Fair car and Sound Sinsheim 2006
At the fair exit a big board to remember: the next car and sound is from the 6th to the 9th of April, 2006.

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