False investment hydrogen research for fuel cell cars

If all the billions for the hydrogen research would have been invested for better a lithium battery technology, we would already have hybrid cars to go 80% by electric power.

  Null infrastructure for the hydrogen car

Where does it go here to the next hydrogen gas station? The hydrogen car distinguishes itself by a low reach, therefore an urgent need for a dense gas station net. Everything with a chill chain less than-253 degrees. There becomes a simple gasoline station a high tech investment.

  To much energy consumption with the hydrogen car

Electric power from solar energy and wind energy as the way out from energy and climate problems. However, both uses surface that we do not have unlimited. A hydrogen car needs with hydrogen production from electrolysis by the change losses about 3 times so much electric like a rechargeable hybrid car or an electric car.

  Double infrastucture for the rechargeable hybrid car

A battery to drive at last the first 50 kms. An internal combustion engine that longer journeys do not fail because of the short battery range. There are outlets everywhere, there are gasoline stations everywhere. The rechargeable hybrid car is practically a vehicle with double infrastructure.

  3:1 with the consumption - 2:0 with the infrastructure

Clear winner: the rechargeable hybrid car. In comparison with a hydrogen gas station, an improvement of the infrastructure with a recharge stations is a minitask. Maybe parking meters with power outlet and a credit card reader?

Where will hydrogen as a storage medium determine our energy future and where will the hydrogen technology fail by more suitable methods?

Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

  Hydrogen car with fuel cell

Facts on the subject hydrogen car. How realistic is an engine concept which distinguishes by low reach and expensive not available infrastructure?

The hype about hydrogen The hype about hydrogen
The author of our recommendet book Joseph J. Romm was advisor in the hydrogen and fuel-cells program during the term of office from President Clinton

2,359 kWh per liter of liquid hydrogen
The tank is a main problem with the hydrogen. Hydrogen boils with -252,76 degrees Celsius and in a liter contains only 2359 Wh chemical energy.

Battery technology electrolysis and fuel cell
Hydrogen with electrolysis and fuel cell must be seen as a battery technology. Electric power is used with the electrolysis and is taken from the fuel cell.

Self discharge: 100% in 14 days
Another quality criterion for batteries is the self discharge. This determines how long a battery can be stored and how much power is necessary to hold the charge.

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