Peugeot 106 Electric

There is a 106 also as an electric car. Herbert Eberhart bought one with 7000 kms used. Now he already has 30188 kms on it.

Peugeot 106 Electric
There is a 106 also as an electric car. Herbert Eberhart bought one with 7000 kms used. Now he already has 30188 kms on it.

Supplement of November 2012: there are now 75,000 km
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Peugeot 106
Table of contents about all our contributions to the Peugeot 106, in the particular to the electric version of the Peugeot 106

  Electric car Peugeot 106 Electric

From the manufacturer plentifully hidden there is a Peugeot 106 also in an electric execution. Interesting for commuters with an outlet in the parking lot at the work

Trucks ahead - Traffic disruption Trucks ahead - Traffic disruption
The electric Peugeot 106 runs into a column caused by trucks. The electric car is certainly not the fastest vehicle, but there are even slower ones.

Zero consumption on the traffic light Zero consumption on the traffic light
With the stop at the traffic light, only the lighting needs electric power. With the engine brake before the traffic light the accumulator is recharged. Sparingly go made easy.

Filling station in the garage
This is the nozzle on the electric car. Other end is in a quite normal 230 V  outlet. 18 kWh on 100 kms is the average consumption. Motor Peugeot 106 electric
Instead of the internal combustion engine is in front in the middle the electric motor with 11 kW of continuous duty. Short time top achievement is 22 kW. 4 batteries in the Peugeot 106 electric
The nickel cadmium batteries need distilled water. Each of 4 battries is supplied here separatedly with it. This should be every summer examined. Pedestrian's horn the less loud  second horn
This is essentially quieter than the normal horn. Each one, which already missed a silent  electric car, will know why this small cheep cheep horn is necessary. No automatic and also no gear-lever
The Peugeot 106 Electric has no gear. A novice could think, the counters for the electric window lifters, would be for forward or backward. Stoplight also by engine brake
If one in the Peugeot 106 Electric goes of the gas, the engine is switched to generator mode. In this case the batteries become loaded driving downhill. The railway station Wolkersdorf
After 12 kms of journey Herbert Eberhart  reached the railway station Wolkersdorf. Change in the railway because the parking fee in Vienna also counts to electric cars. Dashboard in the electric car
After 12 kms of bath Pirawarth to village Wolkersdorf 12% of the batteries are used up. On top in the middle the Eonometer. Pointer to the means battery becomes loaded . Photovoltaic: about 555 kms per square meter and year
In Central Europe a square meters with 100 watts peak is good for about 100 kWh per year. Enough to bring the Peugeot 106 Electric 555 kms away.

Context description:  Herber Eberhart
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