Camping fair CMT Stuttgart 2005

Fair report of the CMT in Stuttgart with 10 sides especially about Renault Trafic camping bus from Weinsberg

Roof tent - cheap vacation for young pairs Roof tent - cheap vacation for young pairs
Even the smallest car is enough for spending the night, if already not in the car, thus, nevertheless, at least on the roof. Here demonstrates from the firm autocamp near Munich.

DINKs camping van DINKs camping van
In the area the eurovan campers only very similar plans were to be seen on the whole fair for only 2 persons. Rear seat group behind, wet cell on the left, kitchen on the right.

Shoeshiner from the good old time Shoeshiner from the good old time
As a publicity stunt one gets on the CMT the shoes cleaned. It reminds of the good old time when complete stress society was not invented yet.

Nordic Walking dangers on the fair Nordic Walking dangers on the fair
Even on the fair one must pay attention to get no inadvertent stabbed from the nordic walkers. Well, yes, at least space-saving as a Hula Hoop tire.

Alpha motorhome - the one with the solar terrace
The staircases was put up behind, so that the fair visitors can simply throw a look at the roof terrace. Roof terrace in the motorhome
As a specific feature of the Alpha motorhome is a solar terrace built in the roof. Entrence to the roof terrace
The roof terrace is to be reached from the interior over the rear bed. From inside photographed the table of the roof terrace is to be seen from below. LED parking light in the Phoenix motorhome
Big motorhome are to 2.5 ms wide. So a parking light is always necessary. A long life high energy efficiency solution are this new LED lights.

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