Camping fair CBR of Munich

Cheap because practically tax-free flights have made it necessary: recommendation for the camping holiday by own car as an environmental-careful alternative to the fly.

Bench for camping vehicles Bench for camping vehicles
This new generation of a bench was sighted first in Renault Trafic camper. Determining advantage: a side is optimized to seat, the other for sleeping.

Tax save by VW bus as a camper Tax save by VW bus as a camper
This kitchen block is to be come the absolute minimum of kitchen equipment to be recognized in Germany as a camping car.

Renault Kangoo with camping equipment Renault Kangoo with camping equipment
One can take out the whole equipment simply out of the car. Combined with roof tent also for a family with 2 children suitable.

Ford Tourneo Connect camping equipment Ford Tourneo Connect camping equipment
With a connection in the vehicle the complete equipment can be easy installed and removed. Bed, cuddy and in the kitchen in a drawer.

Renault Kangoo cuddy under bed
To reach the necessary bed length the back parts of the front seats must be folded forwards. The bed is mounted rather high and allows a lot of cuddy under it. Renault Kangoo rebuilding
The middle and front mattress is laid on the back mattress. Under it the duckboards from aluminum and cloth become visible which can be pushed together in order to save space. Ford Tourneo Connect Camping
For the conversion to sleep, the back part of the seats in the middle row are folded forwards. To see behind it 3 mattresses for the bed construction. Ford Tourneo Connect camper
On a rail construction the bed construction is driven forwards. The uppermost mattress from the last photois laid to the back. Ford Tourneo Connect Camper bed
Now the bed construction is folded forwards. The headrests of the front seats are removed, so that the foremost mattress is supported by the back supports.

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