La Mange harbour panorama photo

Panorama foto of a harbour in La Manga in the Mar Menor Sea. Region Murcia in the south of Spain.

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  La Manga region Murcia Spain

The tourism town La Manga - the sleeve, is a narrow piece of land which the Mediterranean Sea in the east of the very much level lagoon Mar Menor Sea in the west distinguishes.

Beach jogger before sunrise Beach jogger before sunrise
While I prepares me for making the photo of the sunrise, this jogger is active sportily on the beach.

Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga
Near the rising sun is an island with a lighthouse. In La Manga one can photograph in the morning the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea and in the evening the setting.

In the light of the morning sun In the light of the morning sun
Shortly after sunrise the buildings on the beach are wrapped in a reddish light.

Extremely level beach Extremely level beach
The beach of the Mar Menor Sea is very level. Only with the line with the yellow buoys I must swim to start. There it might be 1.80 ms deep.

Marina in 2001 in La Manga Marina in 2001 in La Manga
From the neighboring harbour the arrangement of the Marina in 2001. La Manga is between Mar Menor Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in Murcia south Spain.

Sundown about the Mar Menor Sea with La Manga Sundown about the Mar Menor Sea with La Manga
The sand beach of the Mar Menor Sea goes in extremely levelly. Also 60 ms away from the shore the water goes just once up to the hips. An ideal child's play place.

Bathing in the dusk Bathing in the dusk
Also after solar setting the children are to be got on the 20th September only heavily from 27 degrees warm Marmenor sea out. Simply too nicely to stop.

Night photo on the beach Night photo on the beach
8 seconds stand still, so that the long time exposure on the night Mediterranean beach of La Manga succeeds.

Night photo house in La Manga Night photo house in La Manga
This house lies directly with the four-lane main street of La Maga and shows old Spanish architectural style.

House in pyramid form House in pyramid form
As a contrast to the old architectural style in immediate nearness on other side of the street a pyramidenförmiges building.

Sea in the moonlight Sea in the moonlight
Directly from the walking steep path of the main street from La Manga takes photos: night exposure of buildings and in froun a little bit Mar Menor in the moonlight.

Context description:  event events date time month 9 Sep Sept September summer autumn fall La Manga Lamanga south southern Spain Murcia region Costa Calida
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