Car and traffic news 1999

Yearly directory 1999 about traffic and the camping fair in Düsseldorf Germany.

Baby at longer car travel Baby at longer car travel
Best to split the travel on 2 days. Start in the evening just before the baby starts to sleep. Continue the travel next day. Sleep in the car.

Curious number plate Curious number plate
No! I would refuse to drive with such a number plate. Even when it's only a truck, to drive with this number plate is inhumane.

Mercedes Sprinter extension from Westfalie Mercedes Sprinter extension from Westfalie
In this Westfalia camping extension is practically relized, what I plan for my own van. Reason to see more of it.

Bath in rear of a Mercedes Sprinter
Behind the white wall is bath and toilette in the Westfalia Sprinter conversion. The toilette can be pulled out from behind. Seat group with turnable driver and front passenger seat
Much room more in the rear, by using driver and front passenger seat in the seat group. Kitchen behind the seat group
In the lower part as broad as possible, at the top smaller to give a comfortable path to the rear part. Right behind the seat group is the kitchen. Dry camping toilette
For rare use is this system with low acquisition costs, but costly throw away bags an interesting alternative.

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