Colors used in the chart from the PV world market forecast

Forecast from May 1996 about the expected development of the photovoltaic world market. You can download pv_world.xls (117 kb) to view the data for the prognosis.

Camping cars

Total change from gas to solar
energy by photovoltaic

Later also used as drive
addition by photovoltaic
Air-condition by photovoltaic

for cars with about 400 W peak
photovoltaic per car

In 20 years as usual as todays
normal engine driven air-condition.
Small comfort

package for cars. A small
refrigerator for some drinks

A ventilator to push out the
hot air from inside.
Drive addition

for electric and hybrid cars.
MW Peak on cars total

most important to increase market
MW Peak world market

target is 10000 times in 40 years
Photovoltaik world market
The development of the photovoltaic world market is a race with the world wide problems peak oil and climate change.

  1996 Solar comfort for cars

How to enlarge the photovoltaic world market as fast as possible? PEGE comes at this future question for mankind on the roofs of the cars.

Photovoltaic world market forecast Photovoltaic world market forecast
We studied all the data about market pervasion from airbag, air-condition and ABS brake system and applied the data to our solar comfort for cars project:

Solar energy for cars to develop photovoltaic world market
PEGE developed in May 1996 a strategic project to enlarge the photovoltaic world market. A great venture capital investment possibility!

PEGE viewpoint: solar strategy with opinion leaders
In the next 40 years, the world production of Photovoltaic has to be 10000 times higher. That is necessary to save humanity from disaster.

Electric cars: only useful with solar energy
An electric car is as long senseless as the power is produced in a coal or an atomic power plant.

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