PEGE viewpoint: solar strategy with opinion leaders

In the next 40 years, the world production of Photovoltaic has to be 10000 times higher. That is necessary to save humanity from disaster.

  The price is only one aspect, application technical the other:

For example air-condition for parking cars. It's a luxury for the rich. That's exactly the right point where a high priced article as photovoltaic can be sold successfully. 1% of all new produced cars times 400 W Peak for solar energy air-conditions in a car give 160 MW Peak a year. That's more than twice last year's world production.

An other market is camping cars. Our Nomad Magic Motorhome will show the high end: 500 W Peak. At the low end, the market starts simple with a refrigerator. Gas absorber systems and a little 12 V DC compressor system are on the market. Both are typical 1000--DM more expensive than 220 V home systems. A cheap 12 V compressor is a key to sell photovoltaic on this market: A refrigerator and a 50W flat photovoltaic for the car roof as a set for the same price as today's 12V refrigerators. 100 W Peak for a low end and 1 kW for the high end camping car is the target.

2% from 45 million new cars with 400 W peak air-condition gives 360 MW Peak.
60% from 0.5 million new camping cars with 600 W peak gives 180 MW peak.
20% from 45 million new cars with 50 W peak for ventilator and a small refrigerator gives 450 MW peak.

That's 990 MW peak or more than 50% of the target world production in 2006. It is not only more than 50% of market, it's more than 90% of marketing.

  Opinion leaders and customers with experience

Our air-condition for parking cars will be purchased by so called opinion leaders. For example a representative visiting 500 customers a year with the new Nomad Magic Motorhome. That communicates: "photovoltaic works and gives You a higher standard of living." The environment protector with a photovoltaic on his house shows a total other message: "Photovoltaic works and makes You a poor person."

  1996 Solar comfort for cars

How to enlarge the photovoltaic world market as fast as possible? PEGE comes at this future question for mankind on the roofs of the cars.

Photovoltaic world market forecast Photovoltaic world market forecast
We studied all the data about market pervasion from airbag, air-condition and ABS brake system and applied the data to our solar comfort for cars project:

Colors used in the chart from the PV world market forecast
Forecast from May 1996 about the expected development of the photovoltaic world market. You can download pv_world.xls (117 kb) to view the data for the prognosis.

Solar energy for cars to develop photovoltaic world market
PEGE developed in May 1996 a strategic project to enlarge the photovoltaic world market. A great venture capital investment possibility!

Electric cars: only useful with solar energy
An electric car is as long senseless as the power is produced in a coal or an atomic power plant.