More living standard with less energy: Endless shower

PEGE developed an endless shower system for motorhomes and houses without water pipe. Most people on planet earth are living without water pipe.

One major development for our Nomad Magic Motorhome is the endless shower. The same water is used every 5 minute for making a shower. It's the perfect solution for a total independent camping car. Only camping cars? No! It is also the perfect solution for houses without water pipe.

Most people on planet earth have no water pipe at home. Making a bath without water pipe in the house is very difficult. Having warm water every time for making a bath is a major point in living standard.

  Refrigerator with endless shower:

The unit to sell looks like a big refrigerator. But it is not only a refrigerator. There is also a water tank and the filter system with a UV-C lamp. As in every refrigerator, there is a heat pump to cool the inside of the refrigerator. The thermal energy from inside the refrigerator is brought to the water. The water should be all the time at ideal shower temperature.

  PEGE viewpoint

Having warm water for shower is a major point in living standard. But the price for it is very high. A water pipe to every house. All the energy to warm the water and all the drinking water used only one time for washing. Even with solar energy to warm the water, a lot of material is used for the system. That's the price for a high living standard. The refrigerator with endless shower unit will bring 80% of this living standard for less than 20% of the price. The wonder of the solution is: compared to carry water to the house, carry wood to the house, make a fire and make a bath, we have more living standard with less energy.

  Research and development

The endless shower is now under development at an Austrian company. First approach was the high end camping cars. A small limited market. For luck, I made a visit on the country side in an east European country...

The used filter systems are currently high priced because of small quantity. At mass production, the price will come down to 3 times a normal refrigerator.

  Motorhomes airconditoned by solar power

We plan 3 sensations for motorhomes like air-condition by photovoltaic, vacuum insulation and endless shower system - no camping cars - small apartments on wheels

Motorhome with air-condition by Photovoltaic
We plan 3 sensations for motorhomes like air-condition by photovoltaic, vacuum insulation and endless shower system - no camping cars, but small apartments on wheels

Basic needs in a motorhome
Protection from outside weather conditions, electrical Power, cold and warm water, refrigerator and other devices for Your food. Our solutions are much more powerful than usual.

Venture Capital for a motorhome company in Romania
Combine 3 technical sensations for the motorhome market together with the low working costs in Romania.

The greatest advantage from low working costs
We calculate for the Nomad Magic 400 hours working time because some special equipment like the vacuum insulation and our high quality standard will require much hours of working.

This is german quality work
I went 1996 with the empty Citroen Jumper van to a motorhome company in Germany in order to built in the side windows.

Citroen Jumper: our base vehicle
There was only one logic decision for the base vehicle for our combined mobile office + motorhome: the Eurotransporter from FIAT, Peugeot and Citroen. Very economical for its size

Front wheel drive has advantages at the height
2.5m height limit. Why can here only motorhomes with front wheel drive go?

Switching stick directly on the dashboard
No infinitely long switching stick at the ground like usual at others vans, but a short switching stick directly on the board allow a fast gear change