Speedsters are slow

Consumption, wear, punishments, repairs, total losses and higher assurance costs do the speedster after time involved calculated the most lame driver.

Provided that a speedster is not full-time a son and successor of rich parents, he must earn for the motoring money by himself.

  The true tempo of a motorist

driven km
( Running time + working hours + hospital )

To include for the costs of the motoring necessary working hours in the average speed makes a lame duck out of the speedster. Such a lame duck, that even a comfortably sightseeing grandma is much faster.

Want to win somewhere 1 minute with a mania-witty overtake maneuver, faces there to the risk that, nevertheless, somebody meets.

It is a luck in the misfortune if, besides, the oncomming so far makes way that there are only 2 total losses. Outherwise several months hospital or in the worst case 18-year time out to be old enough again in the next life time for the driving license.

Whole motorcade on the mountain Gaisberg overtakes
A youthful speedster tried to overtake this whole motorcade downhill on the mountain Gaisberg street briefly before an unclear curve. Accident opponent after head-on collision
By my escape maneuver on the upright slope, there were with the head-on less than 10% coverage. The car turned about 120 degrees from the direction of the traffic. Economic total loss
After I saw approaching from the curve next the accident opponent to myself, I made way so far like it without estimate danger possibly on the slope.

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