New race class in motor sport

Motor sport has a great history to develop new technologies later found in every car. Energy track system to perform a new series of car races.

Today's Formula 1 cars are worse some serial cars, because some advanced technics are forbidden for Formula 1 cars.

Speedway owners! That's Your chance! Equip one long straight with the energy track system to perform a new series of car races. Only a part of the whole speedway should be equipped with energy track to simulate the typical use profile during the races.

Automobile industry! Make a big donation for the first energy track race car faster than a serial Diesel engine car from 1970, 1980, 1990.

Open race class: This means no limit for the usage of electric power

100 m² class: Every car has 100 square meter electric support area.
  • All electric storage in the support area has to be absolutely empty at 8 am.
  • All the support area is equipped with Photovoltaic cells
  • Starting 8 am, it is allowed to charge the storage systems in the support area.
  • The race starts at maybe 3 pm
  • The energy track delivers to every car only the amount of energy provided by the support area of this car
This is a competition for:
  • The Photovoltaic cells,
  • The energy storage system in the support area
  • The competition car
  • The energy storage system in the car, because less than 25% of the speedway are equipped with energy track in order to simulate the typical use profile.
Do You know the differences of different Photovoltaic cells at different weather conditions? With this race competition, some billion humans will know it.

  1992: Energy Track for electric cars

How long is the range of an electric car? As long as the electric cable ;-) A joke becomes earnest and is called energy track.

How to make electric cars useable
Wait forever for new battery systems? No, the only chance for the electric car is to refuel it while it is moving: Energy Track system

Electric car main problem: Typical use profile
The electric car will succeed only if 90% of today's car drivers are able to do 99% of the things they do with their cars already.

Highway costs with energy track
Is it possible to finance the energy track system for electric cars by selling the electric power more expensive than from the normal power grid?

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