Highway costs with energy track

Is it possible to finance the energy track system for electric cars by selling the electric power more expensive than from the normal power grid?

This calculation shows how much the energy track system for highways can be based on the possible income for selling elelctric power to moving cars.

Please study first Energy Track for electric cars before You try this calculation sheet.

Cars per day in one direction on this highway
One cars average kWh energy usage for 100 km
Price for one kWh for the highway society
Price for one kWh for the electric car

The average car pays for electric power on 100km
Yearly wins from 1m highway in one direction for selling electric power to moving electric cars. This should at last pay for the construction and maintenance of the energy track system.

  1992: Energy Track for electric cars

How long is the range of an electric car? As long as the electric cable ;-) A joke becomes earnest and is called energy track.

How to make electric cars useable
Wait forever for new battery systems? No, the only chance for the electric car is to refuel it while it is moving: Energy Track system

Electric car main problem: Typical use profile
The electric car will succeed only if 90% of today's car drivers are able to do 99% of the things they do with their cars already.

New race class in motor sport
Motor sport has a great history to develop new technologies later found in every car. Energy track system to perform a new series of car races.

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