England travel in Pullman

Take to the road in Munich in the night. Next morning slept well in the harbor of Calais. Below the minivan class, this travel would have been a torture.

  3 sleepers up, one below

For the travel with 6 persons, I install in my Renault Espace TXE 6 seats, 2 in each row. In the middle row is the middle seat not installed. For the nocturnal travel from Munich to Calais, the backs of the seats are folded down. Above planks and 5cm foam rubber mattress. This creates above the seats a 1.5 x 2m bed. On this can 3 adult sleep.

Between the 2 seats in the last row are at the Espcace 26cm room. Enough to put the feet in the gap. So one more sleeper can sleep on the ground. Upper part of the body between the seats of the middle row, feet between the seats of the last row.

  Exchange the driver every 2 hours

One of the fellow passenger wanted to sit in front all the time. The other had been every 2 hours exchanged. The driver should drive provident with 120km/h. There is a special drving style, that no sudden acceleration, braking or g-force disturbs the sleep.

To use the belt is sleeping natural not possible. One of the sleepers is always the next driver. He should start his 2 hours well slept. Every braking or steering disturbs the sleep. Just as changing light, so there are curtains all around the rear part of the car.

  1991 Avoid fall asleep accidents

Many long distance travels at night time in my Renault Espace TXE. The longest was to London in September. Exchange the driver every 2 hours against a sleeper.

Long distance in night with several drivers Long distance in night with several drivers
Better without belt recumbent in the bed with a slept well driver than to risk with belts an accident with an overtired driver.

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