Vectrix maxi scooter technic

Table of contents about all our contributions about the technic of the Vectrix maxi scooter.

2 front wheels motorcycle 2 front wheels motorcycle
Detail photo from the wheel suspension and the technic for 2 front wheels for a 3 wheel Vectrix maxi scooter.

Instruments of the Vectrix Instruments of the Vectrix
Left the clock, in the middle the tachometer and right the display for the battery condition.

Methanol fuel cell with 500 Watt Methanol fuel cell with 500 Watt
When there is no power plug, the Vectrix maxi scooter can be equipped with a 500 Watt Methanol fuel cell. The batteries can be charged by the fuel cell in this case.

Maxi Scooter with reverse gear Maxi Scooter with reverse gear
If one turns the gas grip in the reverse direction, the motor becomes a generator to recharge the battery. Standing, the gas grip becomes even a slow reverse gear.

20 kW electric motor in the back wheel 20 kW electric motor in the back wheel
No chain or cardan shaft necessary. The brushless electric engine together with the one gear is direct at the rear wheel. Maintenance-free for the life span of the Maxi Scooter.

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