Tata Nano

The duck of the 21. century. The electric version brings mobility for the poor in the world, like once the legendary student car Citroen 2 CV.

Tata Nano drives with electric power Tata Nano drives with electric power
It took from 2005 to 2008 to decide me for thin film photovoltaic from Applied Materials for the roof of my future house.

Electric car Tata Nano Electric car Tata Nano
12 kWh battery 120 km range 40 kW engine and 110 km/h top speed. For many enough and suitable mobility in the next oil crisis.

Tata Nano - 21st century duck Tata Nano - 21st century duck
The Europeans laughed 2008 about it., Version for Europe shown 2009. Now they have 2010 an electric version.

Tata Nano Europe Tata Nano Europe
Wo thought Indians can not built airbag, ABS and ESP into a car was wrong. All this features has the made for Europe version of the Tata Nano.

Tata Nano Tata Nano
A big contribution for traffic security delivers Tata with the Nano. Who has ever transported wife and 2 children on a scooter will sure agree with this.

Tata Nano interior Tata Nano interior
2 airbags, for driver and front seat passenger are today duty.

Tata Nano - advance to solar age Tata Nano - advance to solar age
I wrote 1992 in my book ''Advance to solar age'' about 10 billion people driving 5 billion cars. This electric car from India shows thsi trend.

Tata Nano Europe electric power steering Tata Nano Europe electric power steering
Electric power steering could be a hint, that the Tata Nano is prepared to be leater easy converted to an electric vehicle.

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