Opel Flextrene

Table of contents about all our contributions about Opel Flextreme plug-in hybrid.

Opel Flextreme around Video Opel Flextreme around Video
After the IAA 2007 seeing again the Opel Flextreme. The Video (9 MB) shows the car on a turning disk.

Opel Flextreme interior Opel Flextreme interior
The front and rear door of the Flextreme open contra-rotating. There is no B pillar.

Flextreme chassis based on Opel Astra Flextreme chassis based on Opel Astra
Opel builts the Plug-in-Hybrid Flextreme with as much parts from the large serial construction. So the chassis is from the Opel Astra.

Opel Flextreme Plug-in-Hybrid Opel Flextreme Plug-in-Hybrid
55 km is the range of the Flextreme only with electric power. On longer distances produces a 1,3 litre Diesel engine with a 53 kW peak generator for the supply with electric power.

General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007 General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007
September 13th 11:25, hundreds of journalists wait for the visiot of theGerman prime minister Angela Merkel at the GM fair sensation: The solution for our future mobility.

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