E-Max S

The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max S electric scooter.

E-Max S long time test 2007 E-Max S long time test 2007
Our long time with the E-Max S goes in the next year. Our vehicle goes with 1678.2 km in the year 2007.

Electric scooter E-Max S long time test Electric scooter E-Max S long time test
After the good performance in our short test in Septmeber, the E-Max S has qualified to proof his quality in a long time test over at last 10,000km

E-Max S scooter consumption E-Max S scooter consumption
3 to 4 kWh is the consumtion according to the manufacturer. Here our test values from the first consumption test. The consumption at the mountain test is natural higher than at normal usage.

Asthma center Berchtesgaden Asthma center Berchtesgaden
The target of our first montain trip has a symbolic meaning. Some of the young patients living here could live at home, when the air would be enough better there.

Scooter test E-Max S Scooter test E-Max S
With 2295.-EUR end user price in Germany and very low operating expenses a opportune entry into electric mobility. The end of the 50ccm 2 stroke rattle stink scooters is near.

Electric engine E-Max S Electric engine E-Max S
Brushless 2 kW wheel hub engine without gears. What is not there can not fail and causes also no maintanence costs. The power of simplicity.

Swimmingpool on the Zistelalm Swimmingpool on the Zistelalm
The batteries of the E-Max S had been full enough to return. For guests with a more distant arrival, the host would make charging possible.

Zistelalm - 1000 meter above sea level Zistelalm - 1000 meter above sea level
The E-Max S passed 550 height-meters without problem. But because I promissed my older doughter a test drive, there is no time to continue to the peak.

Start mountain test on the Rossfeldstraße Start mountain test on the Rossfeldstraße
An electric vehicle should be also good enough for an excursion in the mountains. Therefor our test vehicle E-Max S has to go up the Rossfeldstraße.

This scooter is house trained This scooter is house trained
Recharging for the test drives. First are some reservations in the Robert Jungk library because of the floor. But at last, I am able to convince:

Top innovations for mobility
This top innovations will make sure, that our mobility will not decrease with the end of the fossile age.

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