Local traffic solution CityEl. Directory over all our reports about the electric vehicle CityEl.

CityEl Austria CityEl Austria
It's possible to save much money with the CityEl compared to a car, if someone is mostly underway in the municipal area.

Meeting of generations Meeting of generations
Every fan of electric cars know the City-El, for the distribution chiefs of IO-scooter and E-Max was the City-El an unknown oldtimer estimated for the end of the 1980 decade.

CityEl tests Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries CityEl tests Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries
From both sides confirmed: CityEl tests just right now lithium polymer batteries from Kokam. Alone 50kg less weight will give the CityEl more temprament.

Green election campaign in Austria Green election campaign in Austria
As I drove with the E-Max S through Gröding, the green party just removed a booth. Heidi Reiter, a green member of the regional government, supports electric mobility

CityEl in Monaco CityEl in Monaco
Dramatic consumption-lowering of the new CityEl. The new FactFour requires only 3,5 to 5 kWhs on 100km opposite 7 to 9 kWhs with the old model.

CityEl instruments CityEl instruments
Photo from the instruments of an CityEl, a single seat electric car for the city traffic.

CityEl with 4 batteries CityEl with 4 batteries
The newer model has a compact electric engine left in the pictture. So there is now place for 4 batteries behind the drivers seat.

CityEl encounter - green campaign in Grödig CityEl encounter - green campaign in Grödig
LA Heidi Reiter just enters her CityEl for a trip to the next termin. The acceleration of the E-Max S is better, but the E-Max S is as a license free scooter limited to 45km/h

Sightseeing with CityEl Sightseeing with CityEl
With the exhibits for the fair, the harbor-promenade becomes in the evening in Monaco viewed. I can confirm: with a bigger car no chance on a parking place.

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