BYD - Built Your Dreams, the dream not to be an accessary at the climate change, the dream to do all every day drives with cheap solar electric power.

Motor in BYD F3 DM Motor in BYD F3 DM
Left the 1 litre 50 kW gasoline engine, right the 50 kW electric engine. Above the engine controller.

BYD F3 DM cut BYD F3 DM cut
In a cutted car are all components of the plug-in hybrid drive system are shown.

BYD F3 DM Plug-in Hybrid car BYD F3 DM Plug-in Hybrid car
The fair sensation in Geneva 2008: A plug in hybrid car from China. I wrote already 2005, when the European car companies continue to sleep deep, we will drive Chinese cars.

When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim
Driving with fossile cars becomes more and more a burden. High oil prices and the environment conscience encumber much. But 'Built Your Dreams' from China shows a solution.

Plug-in Hybrid serial production starts
Monday December 15th: BYD announces the start of the mass production of the plug-in hybrid car BYD F3DM. The sales price in China is $22.000 (15.000 EUR).

BBC shows BYD F3DM BBC shows BYD F3DM
Untill now, I have seen the BYD F3DM only at the Geneva car salon. BBC shows in this viedo a street full of charging columns, looks similar like parking meters in earlier times on the roadside.

Car ads in the next oil crisis Car ads in the next oil crisis
Why exacerbate climate change by burning expensive oil products, when you can power your car with inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar electric power?

Prognosis car ads in the next oil crisis Prognosis car ads in the next oil crisis
We show today how the placards for cars will look like in the next oil crisis. The price of oil and electric power as the main theme of advertising.

BMW vs BYD: The duell starts
According to the legend tells, that the chief of BYD has seen during an jounrey to Europe BMW and decided to built better cars. 2003, BYD purchased a car factroy. 2008 automobile salon in Geneva.

Plugs for home and quick charge Plugs for home and quick charge
Left the plug for the 230 volt connection, right a connection for a quick charger to load in 10 minutes 50% charge into the 20 kWh battery. This means about 60 kW charge power.

Battery im BYD F3 DM Battery im BYD F3 DM
At the BYD booth was also this lithium iron phosphat cell with 3.3 Volt 120 Ah. The car is listed with 100 pieces 60 Ah cells.

BYD for battle price on the home market
BYD announced to bring the f3DM until end of the year for US$14600 to US$19000 on the chinese home market. A revolution is announced.

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