Hydrogen tank and infrastructure

How is it possible to distribute hydrogen to an gas station net and to store in the vehicles tanks? How real is hydrogen technology for mobility?

Liquid tank for hydrogen Liquid tank for hydrogen
Linde shows a 120 litres liquid hydrogen tank in Hannover. 90 kg weight and up to 8 bar inside pressure to have not to blow off the evaporated hydrogen immediately.

Hydrogen gas tank Hydrogen gas tank
This construction for a high pressure hydrogen tank is suitable for 700 bar. The biggest model has 32 liters of contents. 5.4% of the mass are stored hydrogen.

Self discharge: 100% in 14 days
Another quality criterion for batteries is the self discharge. This determines how long a battery can be stored and how much power is necessary to hold the charge.

Battery technology electrolysis and fuel cell
Hydrogen with electrolysis and fuel cell must be seen as a battery technology. Electric power is used with the electrolysis and is taken from the fuel cell.

Hydrogen compression tank for fuel cell cars Hydrogen compression tank for fuel cell cars
Only 3.4 kgs of hydrogen instead of 4.6 kgs in liquid hydrogen tank. For it, however, no losses by vaporization. For opportunity drivers on short distances the better solution.

Scooter: battery or hydrogen Scooter: battery or hydrogen
Each of the 4 bottles has 2 litre volume and can be filled wiht 700 bar. This should give 30km range per bottle to a scooter. Exchange price 20.-EUR per bottle.

Fuel cell scooter Fuel cell scooter
Only the frame with the hydrogen tank was to see in Hannover. Around this will be a built up a scooter with fuel cells. The hydrogen bottles are to be exchanged.

Hydrogen kart Hydrogen kart
The 5 liters hydrogen bottle contains with 200 bar compressed 1 m³ hydrogen. This are 2.97 kWh of chemical energy or about 1.25 kWh electric power from the fuel cell.

Liquid hydrogen tank for a hydrogen car Liquid hydrogen tank for a hydrogen car
Here built into an Opel Zafira. However, with 4.6 kgs about 400 kms of reach, for it hydrogen gets lost constantly by warming in the tank and the vaporization resulting from it.

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