Hybrid vehicles

Directory about all our reports about vehicles with hybrid drives, the key for our future mobility with rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

Honda Civic Honda Civic
There is not only the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The IMA system in the Honda civic comes very close to the consumption values.

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius
Who fears the 130g CO2/km fleet limit. Toyota can sell for each 5 Prius one luxury limousine and one big SUV and would be still below the limit.

Lexus RX 400h Lexus RX 400h
Will there be no big SUVs when the EU makes an upper limit of 200g CO2/km? What the German premium car producers pretend to be not able, Toyota is even today able.

Lexus GS 450h Lexus GS 450h
What have the German premium car producers for unnecessary sorrows about the 200 g/km CO2 limit for cars? The 250km/h electronic limited Lexus is enven now below.

Citroen C4 HDI Diesel Hybrid Citroen C4 HDI Diesel Hybrid
After VW and Audi had terminated the production of the 3 liter cars Lupo and A2, the next generation of 3 liter cars comes from Citroen substantially bigger realization.

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