Battery: Batteries for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid vehicles are completely dependent on price and quality of available battery technology. Overview about the status of the development.

Subaru lithium nano vanadium battery Subaru lithium nano vanadium battery
On the booth of Subaru at the Geneva car exhibition was in front of the G4e this battery.

Battery im BYD F3 DM Battery im BYD F3 DM
At the BYD booth was also this lithium iron phosphat cell with 3.3 Volt 120 Ah. The car is listed with 100 pieces 60 Ah cells.

Mitsubishi iEV battery Mitsubishi iEV battery
88 of this 50 Ah Lithium cells make 330 Volt and 16 kWh battery capacity. 14 pieces would fit very well as an upgrade in my E-Max S electric scooter.

Battery for electric car Battery for electric car
8 cells with 100 Ah are in this battery pack for electric cars together.Typical connectors for power and battery management volt and temperature.

Kokam complete lithium batteries Kokam complete lithium batteries
From battery cell producer to a battery producer developed Kokam further. There hab een on the booth 2006 only single cells. They showd this year conplete battery packs.

Thundersky lithium iron phospaht Thundersky lithium iron phospaht
At the open flap are the single 40 Ah LiFePO4 cells to see. Not existing: wires for a BMS (battery management system) or seperate charge of each cell.

Mitsubishi iEV battery pack Mitsubishi iEV battery pack
The 50 Ah Lithium cells are organized in blocks with 4 cells. 22 of this blocks with 4 cells yield 88 cells with 330 Volt.

Scooter battery with integrated BMS Scooter battery with integrated BMS
Seperate plugs for charging and discharging. In the box is the BMS battery management system built in. A little bit higher box could be equipped with 40Ah cells.

Battery for HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery for HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle
10 of this batteries in serial are 370V. This battery is designed for hybrod cars. Each battery pack has connection for power and battery management volt and temperature.

E-Max battery controller E-Max battery controller
In the grey cable are 28 wires, from each cell 2, to the battery controller which is located in the frot part of the scooter just after the fron wheel.

Wires for charge balancing Wires for charge balancing
Beside the thick wires are at each battery cell 2 thin wires to the battery management box. By ths box, each call is checked and the charge balanced.

Battery in the E-Max S electric scooter Battery in the E-Max S electric scooter
8 piece 20 Ah 12 V batteries are below the helmet locker. The batteries are similar to sealed lead acid batteries. ''Silicone'' could mean an improved electrolyte.

Ultra condensers in the racing sport Ultra condensers in the racing sport
This is the method to accelerate in less than 8 seconds from 0 to 100 with an only 8 kW fuel call. The fuel cell produces constantly full load.

Lithium ion batteries for vehicles Lithium ion batteries for vehicles
The future mobility will be based substantially on battery technology on lithium base. With Gaia, a German enterprise also takes part in the race around this future market.

Big lithium polymer batteries Big lithium polymer batteries
The biggest one of the flat batteries cells has 200 Ah. 100 pieces of it would even give a 3.5 tons truck a convincing road performance.

Lithiumpolymer batteries Lithiumpolymer batteries
Sample suitcase for the different dimensions of lithium polymer batteries. Typically for the Kokam batteries is the flat design in opposit to the to the usually cylindrical shaped batteries.

Lithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery
Kokam presents itself on EVER Monaco as one of the big hope bearers for electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars. Around 170 Wh per kg makes a lot possible.

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