Aerodynamic optimizing

The latest tricks and trends to optimize the aerodynamic of vehicles.

Chevrolet Volt flat bottom Chevrolet Volt flat bottom
Most of todays cars look very aerodynamic above. But below very cleft. Not so Volt and Flextreme, they have both a flat bottom.

Aerodynamic optimized rims Aerodynamic optimized rims
Who looks exactly will notice the transparent plastic at the large free spaces of the rim. Only the small free spaces let air to the disk brakes.

Opel Flextreme without side mirrors Opel Flextreme without side mirrors
Because of the aerodynamic optimization, there are no more side mirrors. Instead of a side mirror are in the fron part of the front side window is a camera installed.

Loremo aerodynamic rear below Loremo aerodynamic rear below
How to drive a 470kg car with 220km/h without flying? A view below the car reveal the secret: the flat underside ascends behind.

Loremo aerodynamic front below Loremo aerodynamic front below
What is not visible from above: The underside of the Loremo is flat and formed like a turned around wing. Here is at most conventional cars

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