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Electric mobility - China and BYD
To take the need to phase out the oil, the transition to electric mobility seriously, steer the country in the right direction. Model BYD and China.

BYD electric bus 12 BYD electric bus 12
324 kWh batteries which are charged in 3 hours. Range 250 to 300 km. August 2011 a further 300 buses to be delivered in Shenzhen.

BYD e6 taxi fleet test in Shenzhen BYD e6 taxi fleet test in Shenzhen
In a year the fleet of 50 taxis drove test 2.77 million km. Individual taxis arrived here 100 thousand km. No loss despite constant rapid charging.

China electric scooter
The fast growth of an economic and comfortable means of transport shows possibilities mostly ignored by the rest of the world.

IO Scooter electric scooters new models for 2011 IO Scooter electric scooters new models for 2011
3 new models, all with 13'' rims and big wheel hub engines shows IO-scooter, Vienna for the city, Manhattan as maxi scooter, King Kong for the post.

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China Changchun China Changchun
Impressions from the mobility in China while I had been at the 1st WORLD EMERGING INDUSTRIES SUMMIT: Real existing electric mobility in every day traffic.

Top speed at electric cars
Cars with ICE internal combustion engines are designed, that in the 4th or 5th gear is the maximal engine power reached at top speed.

Mobility 1955 and 2015 in Germany
Mobility 1955 and 2015 will have surprising similarities, when the oil criis prognosticated by IEA hits with full hardness.

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Return from skijoring Return from skijoring
Johanna would like to drive one more time, but to hold the electric scooter on the narrow tread out track is very laboringly. Her small ski can be easy transported.

Schranne in snow Schranne in snow
How has a heavy traffic jam allergy will also not drive at snow with the car in the city. 35 kg purchases are distributed 20 kg in front, 10 kg in the backpack, 5 kg in the topcase.

Long time test electric scooter E-Max 90S 2010 Long time test electric scooter E-Max 90S 2010
Many electric scooter owners don't use their scooters year 'round, but our long term test tells a different story. Your electric scooter can do far more than you think!

Two seater also on the mountain Two seater also on the mountain
After checking the real estate in Fürstenbrunn, we decide spontaneously for a mountain test. On the 22% uphill, the 90S is also a real 2 seater.

E-Max 90S electric scooter test E-Max 90S electric scooter test
Our new long time test starts with an E-Max 90S changed to lithium batteries and some other modifications.

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Electric car BYD E6 Electric car BYD E6
4 different engine variants announced: 75 kW in front, 75 kW + 40 kW rear, 160 kW and 160 kW front and 40 kW rear. I will choose the 75+40 kW variant.

Geneve car exibition 2010 Geneve car exibition 2010
We will attend in March the journalist days from the Geneva car exhibition and write about all what is useable in the future.

Munich electric mobility conference Munich electric mobility conference
1. international fair and congress about electric mobility on the new fair ground in Munich October 13th to 15th 2009.

IAA 2009 international motor show IAA 2009 international motor show
Time runs backwards, the fair of destoied hopes. Nothing shown reaches only nearly the Renault Kangoo Cleanova 2 tested by me 2007.

Geneve car exibition 2009 Geneve car exibition 2009
Compared with the Geneva car show was less able for the future to see. The heavy sales crisis did not convince the car industry from the necessary change.

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