Italy travel journal

Table of contents about all our records of jouneys to Italy.

Evening mood in San Mraino Evening mood in San Mraino
The Titano mountains are the highest elevation in the visible vicinity. Look at the deeper situated land parts of San Marino in the late dusk.

Portrait artist Portrait artist
He is very gifted and could with his art earn a lot of money, but he prefers the direct contact with all people who pass his vault in the fortress wall.

San Marino San Marino
What to do, if it rains on the beach in Ravenna? We started with one 'let's look' and ended with 4 sight seeing tours to the small republic surrounded by Italy.

No waves in Adriatic coast No waves in Adriatic coast
During some days Adriatic is as smooth as the surfboard on which Johanna just lies. Almost no surf, thus as if one would be on the shore of a lake.

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