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Venturi Fetish dashboard Venturi Fetish dashboard
Unusually for a dashboard is the rotary knob right below to adjust the regenerative engine break. Special at high speed on mountain roads from curve to curve, this reduces the consumption.

Loudspeaker in the Venturi Fetish Loudspeaker in the Venturi Fetish
HiFi has also a lot to do with the singnal to noise ratio. Here the quiet electric engine provides for more music pleasue than with an internal combustion engine possible.

Roadster Venturi Fetish interior Roadster Venturi Fetish interior
Drivers and front passenger seat are probably separated by 100 lithium ion batteries. With 58 kWh of tank contents it goes depending on drive style 250 to 350 kms range. 16 to 23 kWh on 100 kms.

Roadster without exhaust Roadster without exhaust
In spite of 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 170 km/h top speed, it's not possible with the Venturi Fetish to let somebody look in the tube. There is no exhaust at an electric car.

Venturi Fetish - the electric roadster Venturi Fetish - the electric roadster
State of the art - show what today is maximal possible. Let's hope that the price development of electric cars will be like it was at notebooks.

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