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Tata Nano - 21st century duck Tata Nano - 21st century duck
The Europeans laughed 2008 about it., Version for Europe shown 2009. Now they have 2010 an electric version.

Tata Indica Vista electric car Tata Indica Vista electric car
The car groups in the industrial countries stoped any progress so long, that they are now even overtaken from car vendors in development countries.

Subaru G4e electric car Subaru G4e electric car
200 km range should this concept car have. Here disturbs only the name concept car. Where to order such a car? When to drive such a car?

Mitsubishi electric car iEV Mitsubishi electric car iEV
130 km/h top speed and 160km range are enough for a small car. Refuel with cheap electric power in the own garage instead of wasting time at the gasoline station.

Electric car Peugeot 106 Electric Electric car Peugeot 106 Electric
From the manufacturer plentifully hidden there is a Peugeot 106 also in an electric execution. Interesting for commuters with an outlet in the parking lot at the work

Tata Nano Europe Tata Nano Europe
Wo thought Indians can not built airbag, ABS and ESP into a car was wrong. All this features has the made for Europe version of the Tata Nano.

Magna Mila Plug-in Hybrid Magna Mila Plug-in Hybrid
Who wants me? The customer sure, but what car group? The Dassault Group presumably failed with the Renault Kangoo Cleanova II, now Manga tries it.

Loremo aerodynamic Loremo aerodynamic
No cooler is behind latticework hidden like a wall in the wind. Only 1,1 squaremeter front area have to be pushed with cw=0,2 through the air.

Loremo Loremo
Sensation on the automobile salon 2006 in Genf. Loremo introduces the 1.5 liter car. How is this possible after other vendors had stoped the 3 litre car?

Citroen C3 with engine stop at the traffic light Citroen C3 with engine stop at the traffic light
Engine off at the traffic light. Why this is in 2006 a fair novelty? Why this is not natural already since decades? Is to cheap energy blocking the advance?

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