Mofa - slow small scooter

Mofa is the German name for a slow and small scooter. Mostly limited to 25km/h. All our reports about such limited scooters.

BSEB - Bicycle Style Electric Bike BSEB - Bicycle Style Electric Bike
Electric scooter looking similar like a bicycle. These have in common 3 sealed lead acid batteries and are not as fast as the 48V SSEB.

SSEB gas grip SSEB gas grip
Because of the registration policies, the electric scooter is delivered without gas grip. The gas grip can be ordered as accessory.

SSEB with chain for the registration SSEB with chain for the registration
Transmission and seat position show clearly: This chain with pedals is not designed to drive the electric scooter with 20km/h, only for the registration.

SSEB Scooter Style Elektrofahrrad SSEB Scooter Style Elektrofahrrad
Look on the alibi pedals. So this scooter is an electric bicycle and is in China allowed to use the bicyle lanes. Most of the Chinese disassemble the annoying pedals.

Electric 2 wheel vehicle for the postman Electric 2 wheel vehicle for the postman
The same 2 wheel vehicle for the professional usage. Jam-bags and lithium batteries to provide, that the mailman can carry all and does not run out of electric power.

One person electric scooter One person electric scooter
With energy saving 25km/h, the range is 40km. The weight of this 2 wheel vehicle with lead acid batteries is 59kg.

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