Scooter nostalgia in retro design

Modern technic wrapped in the design from the fifties of the 20th century. Directory over all our reports about retro design scooters..

E-Max classic aks Speedquad B E-Max classic aks Speedquad B
Only at the from E-Max announced classic model is a difference. It has only a 1500 instead of 2000 W engine and less batteries as a cheap entrance model.

Instruments retro design scooter Instruments retro design scooter
Headlights and 2 round instruments from the retro design scooter from EVT. Modern technology wrapped in the design of the fifties of the last century.

Nostalgia scooter in retro design Nostalgia scooter in retro design
Looks like one of the first scooters from the fifties from the last century, but below the seat is the most modern electric technology for an environment friendly mobility.

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