Scooter instruments

Design and function of the instruments of a scooter. All our reports about the instrumens of a scooter.

Model A instruments Model A instruments
Compared with the E-Max S, there is additional a digital clock and a consumption display by colored LEDs.

E-Max 90S instruments E-Max 90S instruments
Much more information than at the previous model. Day odometer, Amperemeter are on the big porthole. This is typicall for all new E-Max models.

Instruments retro design scooter Instruments retro design scooter
Headlights and 2 round instruments from the retro design scooter from EVT. Modern technology wrapped in the design of the fifties of the last century.

Batterymeter at the E-Max S electric scooter Batterymeter at the E-Max S electric scooter
The voltmeter which is the fuel gauge shows only under load the charge condition. Here after the second mountain test on the Zistelalm.

Interpreting the fuel meter Interpreting the fuel meter
The fuel meter seems to be a volt meter. The voltage of a lead acid battery depends on state of charge and load. Standing without load, it shows a nearly full tank.

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