Scooter drive system

Modern up to date drive technic for scooters. All our reports about the drive of scooters.

Wheel hub engine for 13 inch rims Wheel hub engine for 13 inch rims
Still 2007, I thought a thermical engine shut off is an absolute must. Only 10 degree Celsius at the travel to top of the Gaisberg had been a very positive surprise.

New wheel hub engine New wheel hub engine
The deciding difference to the old model is the new wheel hub engine. The earlier IO-scooter model was not able to compete with the E-Max S on the montain, now this is reverse.

From the wheel hub engine to the rim engine From the wheel hub engine to the rim engine
This does not look like a wheel hub engine any more. All rim engine meets more the reality. 19 kg including the tire is the weight of the rear wheel.

Oxygen electric drive Oxygen electric drive
Up to 3,5 kW provides the engine. Oxygen has the engine not like usual as a wheel hub engine.

Electric engine E-Max S Electric engine E-Max S
Brushless 2 kW wheel hub engine without gears. What is not there can not fail and causes also no maintanence costs. The power of simplicity.

45 km/h scooter CO2 emission 45 km/h scooter CO2 emission
The electric scooter with lead batteries is even with electric power from a lignite power plant better than a 4 stroke engine scooter. The red lantern of the worst has the 2 stroke engine scooter.

Model A rear disk brakes Model A rear disk brakes
Compared to the rear drum brake at the E-Max S is here a hydraulic disc brake. Good at a vehicle with so much weight on the rear axle.

Oxygen motor controller Oxygen motor controller
Very large with cooling ribs is the engine controll on the right side of the electric scooter.

Scooter gearing Scooter gearing
GUV checks at the new top model a new drive system. Electric engine combinded with a conventional automatic gearing for scooters.

Scooter with front-wheel drive Scooter with front-wheel drive
The internal combustion engine propels the back wheel. In the front wheel is an electric motor. In the electric mode the hybrid scooter becomes a motorbike with front-wheel drive.

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