Scooter charge

Charging the batteries of a scooter. Allour reports about chargers and problems at charging the battery of a scooter.

Electric scooter with Integrated charger Electric scooter with Integrated charger
At the model with 4 * 38 Ah lead batteries is here the last battery. In the lithium model enough place for a 300 Watt charger.

Charging cable under the seat Charging cable under the seat
Even when there would be public power plugs every where, how often would be the carger stolen? Here is the charger integrated in the engine controller.

Charging outdoor Charging outdoor
Sunday morning starts with dry weather. So it's possible to risk to charge with the 2 chargers on the common parking lot of the apartment building.

Charger not waterproof Charger not waterproof
The charger should be not used outside. It could start raining at any time. Besides, somebody could take away the charger while loading.

Where to recharge an electric vehicle Where to recharge an electric vehicle
The way from the underground parking area to the cellar is very narrow and twisted. At the end, the E-Max S is in the cellar to recharge.

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