All our reports over electric quads. Quads of a new sort making terrain driving without noise and exhaust fume possible.

Electric quad - Quad drive electrically Electric quad - Quad drive electrically
Such a Quad was also seen on the EVER Monaco in 2006. However, in Monaco it was equipped with sealed lead batteries. Here it is reequipped to Gaia lithium batteries.

Ranger silent in wood Ranger silent in wood
With an electric quad almost silently driving through the forest. By this way, the ranger sees probably easily 10 times more animals than with a noisy combustion engine.

Electroquad with Shell sticker Electroquad with Shell sticker
What means a Shell sticker on an electric quad? Oh yes! This means that the electoquad is only recharged by a Shell photovoltaic!

Quad motor and differential Quad motor and differential
Left above the rear-axis the electric motor, right the differential. Over the license plate the always carried along battery charger.

Quad Quad
Until now, was nature-pleasure and quad driving incompatibly. Now, it goes fortunately also quietly because electric. The real nature-friend puts only electric power produced by sun or wind into the tank.

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