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Electric folding bicycle Electric folding bicycle
Park and Ride, once in the outskirts park the car and then go on with electric tail wind on the bicycle.

Electric bicycles Electric bicycles
As soon as one pedals, the electric motor starts to help. Something like a bicycle with built in tail wind.

Children transport bicycle Children transport bicycle
The passenger's cabin of the bicycle ricksha. 2 seats with seat belts for the small passengers. The ricksha comes from a special company for bicycle adherents.

Bicycle for winter time Bicycle for winter time
Deck chair with 3 wheels and pedals. With such a tricycle one can also certainly ride a bike in winter on snow and ice.

Bicycle suited for winter Bicycle suited for winter
Only 2 wheels are dangerouse on ice or snow. In the 3-cyclist recumbent moving there are not such problems.

Bicycle CO2 emission Bicycle CO2 emission
Also the production of aliments causes the emission of GHG green house gases. So even the bicycle driver can not be spared out of a CHG emission calculation.

Loading station electric bicycle Loading station electric bicycle
The battery can be taken by the handle easily into the apartment. This makes the electric bicycle an alternative to the electric scooter if no outlet is at the parking lot.

Dad - the ricksha driver Dad - the ricksha driver
Behind dad, the ricksha driver, steps in the pedals, in front is the weather-protected passenger's cabin for the children. Special bicycle with 3 wheels to the transport of 2 children.

Recumbent bicycles in Munich Recumbent bicycles in Munich
There ars so big advantages from the recumbent bicycle compared to the old high bicycle, that is's a mystery not to see much more of them on the streets.

Bicycle with fuel cell Bicycle with fuel cell
On the fair every information was refused. On top there might be an 1 liter bottle with hydrogen. With 300 bar filling pressure well for 27 grams of hydrogen with 900 Wh energy content.

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