Photovoltaic for camping

Who avoids campsites and likes to stand freely needs a power supply. Overview about solar power supplies for camping vehicles.

Biaxial tracked photovoltaic Biaxial tracked photovoltaic
The prospectus promises so much current like from 3 flat mounted modules. This can be probably reached at low standing sun.

Photovoltaic sun tracked for camping vehicles Photovoltaic sun tracked for camping vehicles
SAT Television or current from the sun? This combination equipment with control GPS is on one side 50 W photovoltaic and on the other side 65 cms of mirror.

Satellitenteller and photovoltaic join Satellitenteller and photovoltaic join
A modern riddle: It is flat on the roof of camping vehicles during the journey, it is during the day a solar equipment and in the evening a satellite antenna.

Different view points about photovoltaic from our different technical magazines as wide outstretched information about electric power from light.

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