Kitchen for camping in a car

Solutions for the kitchen at campers smaller than the typical 9 seat bus, like the VW bus.

VW Caddy camping kitchen VW Caddy camping kitchen
The rinsing can be easily taken out. Thus it is easily to take the rinsing to the water equipment on the cmaping site to clean it.

VW Caddy camping equipment VW Caddy camping equipment
In comparison to the kitchen in the VW bus must be renounced here on the fridge. The kitchen contains only of rinsing, camping cooker and 3 drawers for dishes and food.

VW Caddy kitchen VW Caddy kitchen
The open tailgate is with the VW Caddy special model tramp Affixture for a kind of pretent. In the pretent one can cook with this Vanessa kitchen without problem.

Ford Tourneo Connect camping equipment Ford Tourneo Connect camping equipment
With a connection in the vehicle the complete equipment can be easy installed and removed. Bed, cuddy and in the kitchen in a drawer.

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