Kitchen for a camper

From the tax save kitchen to make a motorhome (less taxes in Germany) out of a VW bus to the rear kitchen, because who wants to cook in the middle.

Waeco compressor fridge CF35 Waeco compressor fridge CF35
Unfortunately, the fridge mounted on a sliding plate is not included in the price of the Vanessa VW bus rear kitchen. Filled with food, one gets a good impression about the volume.

VW camper rinsing and dishes VW camper rinsing and dishes
In the upper row of drawers is the rinsinig and the dishes. On the left is a flap with which the drawer is secured against unintentional slide in.

VW bus camper cooker and fridge VW bus camper cooker and fridge
Cooker in the rear makes more sense than as usual in front. Often enough I have questioned the sense of the kitchen in the middle, finally, a company with an answer to it.

VW Bus Camping VW Bus Camping
The Vanessa kitchen is anchored in the rail system of the seats. It can be quickly builit in and removed. I have asked already so often about the sense of the kitchen in the middle.

Tax save by VW bus as a camper Tax save by VW bus as a camper
This kitchen block is to be come the absolute minimum of kitchen equipment to be recognized in Germany as a camping car.

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