Camping accessory

Practical accessoires for Camping. More security by a built in strong box.

Camper safe deposit Camper safe deposit
Quick hit and run away is the motto from the burglar in campers. To open a safe fastened to the chasis neither tools nor time exist.

Car safe deposit after measure Car safe deposit after measure
For many years I preach the car safe, however, over and over again one hears in the news that rightfully unbelievable values were stolen in case of car burglaries.

Lead gel battery Lead gel battery
Up to now about twice as expensive I acquired lead gel batteries from the importer of another brand. 19, 29 or 37 EUR for 9, 14 or 20 Ah seems to be very inexpensive.

Dry camping toilette Dry camping toilette
For rare use is this system with low acquisition costs, but costly throw away bags an interesting alternative.

Context description:  accessory accessories for camping
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